Details of Seminars/Workshops/Conference 2013-18

Year Name of the Seminars/Workshops/Conferences Coordinator Date Remark
2013-14 National Seminar on “Information and Communication Technologies” Prof.Nimmol.P. John 4 th -5 th Mar 2014
2013-14 Two Day Workshop in “Digital signal processing & Embedded System” Dr. Benjamin Varghese 17 th -18 th June 2013
2013-14 National Conference on "Media & Silence" sponsored by UGC Dr. Saji K.S 18th-19th July 2013
2013-14 National Conference in “Modern trends in Electronics & Signal processing” Dr. Benjamin Varghese 1st-2nd Aug 2013 Proceedings
2013-14 One-day Workshop on Paper Origami Prof.Jeeva Jose 30th Sept 2013 Report
2013-14 Two-Day Workshop on Role of Women in Nation Building Prof.Jeeva Jose 8th-9th Jan 2014 Report
2013-14 National Workshop on "Campus Documentary Film" Dr. Saji K.S 12th-13th Feb 2014
2013-14 National Conference on " Fuzzy Logic & Applications"" Dr. Bindu Abraham 20th 22nd Feb 2014
2014-15 UGC Sponsored national seminar- Media and Silences Dr. Saji K.S 18-19th July 2014
2014-15 State level workshop on "Information Technology" 2nd-3rd Feb 2015
2014-15 Workshop on Script Writing and Direction Dr. Saji K S 26th Feb 2015
2015-16 National Conference on “ Recent Trends in Data Mining” Prof. Kurian M.J. 10-11th Dec 2015 Report
2015-16 Workshop on Raspberry Pi and Python Programming Prof. Dona Mary Roy 1st-3rd March 2016 Report
2015-16 State level workshop on "National Robotic Championship" Dr. Benjamin 21st-22nd
2015-16 State level workshop on "National Robotic Championship" Dr. Benjamin Varghese 21st-22nd July 2015
2015-16 Seminar on Visual Journalism Prof.Divya George 17th Aug 2015
2015-16 One Day State Level Seminar in connection with International Year of Light Dr. Santhosh P. Kuruvilla 28th Jan 2016 Brochure
2016-17 Workshop on Creative Writing Ms.Bincy Varghese 18th Aug 2016
2016-17 Workshop on Editing Techniques in Print Media Prof.Shine P. S. 11th Nov 2016
2016-17 Workshop on Film Making Ms.Bincy Varghese 11th-12th Jan 2017
2016-17 UGC Sponsored 7 day drama workshop, theatre ensemble Prof, Sindhu Thomas 7-13 Feb 2017 Report
2016-17 State level Workshop on "National Science day" on "Science & Technology for Differently Abled" Dr.Santhosh.P.Kuruvila 28th Feb 2017
2017-18 Lecture series on Rights, Marginality and Media Prof. Shine P.S 27-28th June 2017 Report
2017-18 Seminar on Documentary and Short film making Prof. Sindhu Thomas 19th July 2017
2017-18 Seminar on “Challenges and New Avenues for Quality Sustenance” Prof.Jobin Abraham 5th Jan 2018 Report
2017-18 Lecture series on Media: Praxis, Ethics and Challenges Prof.Radhika Raj P 11th-12th Jan 2018
2017-18 Erudite Scholar-in-Residence program Prof. Sindhu Thomas 9th Feb 2018 Report
2017-18 National Seminar on "Problematic of Nation-state: Evolving Regionalities & Articulations" Prof. Sindhu Thomas 9th-12th Feb 2018
2017-18 State level Seminar on "Green Technologies for Sustainable Future" Dr.Benjamin Varghese 28th Feb 2018 Report