Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Internal Quality Assurance Cell

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is formulated for monitoring the quality enhancement. The committee is formulated based on the recommendations given by National Assessment Accreditation Committee. 

1. Develop a system for continuous improvement in the performance of institution
2. Significant and meaningful contribution in the accreditation of the institution
3. Channelize the efforts of the institution towards academic excellence

IQAC Committee Members

Principal: Dr. Tiji Zachariah 
IQAC Coordinator: Jobin Abraham, Associate Professor, Department of Electronics 

1. V. Rev Fr. George C Chalappuram (Management representative)
2. Dr. Tiji Zachariah, Principal
3. Prof. Jobin Abraham, Coordinator
4. Rev.Fr. Mathews Chalappuram ( College Superintendent) 
5. Sri. Seby Issac (Microplastics, Entrepreneur)
6. Dr. Jacob Abraham (Head, NAAC Criteria)
7. Prof. Sindhu Thomas (HOD Representative)
8. Dr. Santhosh Pothary(Former NAAC Coordinator and NAAC Criteria Head)
9. Dr. Manju Abraham (Head, NAAC Criteria)
10. Dr. Sushan P.K (Head, NAAC Criteria)
11. Dr. Jeeva Jose (Head, NAAC Criteria)
12. Dr. Baby Paul (Head, NAAC Criteria)
13. Prof. Shaju Varghses ( Coordinator, Dept of Commerce)
14. Prof. Bince John (PG representative)
15. Prof. Shine P.S (Head, NAAC Criteria)
16. Prof. Bibu Skaria (Secretary IQAC)
17. Dr. Eldhose T John (Works Department)
18. Shri. Rajeev Paul (Representative, Technical Assistants)
19. Mrs. Rekha Chackochan (PTA Representative)
20. Ms. Susmi George (Student Representative