1. Baselios Award           - for the Best Association
  2. Sophia Award             - for ‘Kalaprathibha’ (Instituted by Rev. Dr. GeorgeKottalil Corepiscopa Kotttappady)
  3. Tagore Award             - for ‘Kalathilakom’ (Institute by the Tagore Mount School, Munnar)
  4. J.J. Thomson Award   - for the outstanding performance in the B.Sc.(Ele.) Exam. (instituted by Shri. T.M. Jacob & Shri. Markose Alias)
  5. Dr. Neuman Award     - for outstanding performance in the B.C.A Exam (Instituted by Shri.P.V. Thomas and Shri. Paul V. thomas, Meempara)
  6. F.W. Tayilor Award    - for the outstanding performance in the B.B.A.Exam (instituted by Rev. Dr. George Kottalil Trust and the Tagore Mount School, Munnar)
  7. Mercy Award            - for the outstanding performance of the various organisations (instituted by Shri. Markose Alias, Malippara)George Kottalil Trust and the Tagore

Trophies, Prizes & Scholarships

Sl.No  Name of Scholorship  Intended for Instituted by
1 T.M. Jacob Memorial Prize “Best of Best Outgoing Student Sri. Anoop Jacob (Hon’le Minister for Food Civil Supplies)
2 Dr. Sunny Kuriakose Endowment Prize Mathematics Topper Dr. Sunny Kuriakose (Former Principal B.P.C College, Piravom)
3 V. Rev. Dr. George Kottalil Memorial Prize Highest Scorer B.B.A V. Rev. Dr. George Kottalil Cor-Episcopa
4 V. Rev. George C Challappuram Endowment Prize Highest Scorer B.A V. Rev. George.C Chalappuram Cor- Episcopa
5 Ms. Milu Eliza Mathews Memorial Prize Best Out going student B.Sc Family of Late Milu Eliza Mathews (Student of 2000- 03) Ph.No.-0484-2761321
6 Mr. Aneesh Peter Memorial Prize Best First Year student B.Sc. (Academically bright Financialy weak) Students and staff of B.P.C. College, Piravom
7 Eldho George Memorial Prize weak of B.C.A Student Academically bright Financially Students of B.C.A (2005-08)
8 Manojkumar Memorial Prize catagory B.Sc Highest Scorer in financially weak College, Piravom Manju Abraham, Dept of Electronics, B.P.C
9 Kunnirikkal Molly Abraham Memorial Prize Highesr Scorer B.Sc. Manju Abraham, Dept of Electronics, B.P.C College, Piravom
10 Mazhuvancheriparambath M. M David Memorial Prize Best Out going student B.C.A. Nimmol P John, Dept of Computer Application, B.P.C College, Piravom
11 Dr. M.G Kaladharan Memorial Prize Highest Scorer in Law Dr. Saji K .S, Dept. of English, B.P.C College, Piravom
12 Mr. Benny Abraham Memorial Prize Highest Scorer in Statistics Dr. Bindu Abraham, Dept. of Statistics, B.P.C College, Piravom
13 V. Rev. Zachariah Ichikkottil Cor-Episcopa Best in Sports Prof. Tiji Zacharia,Dept. of Physical Education, B.P.C College, Piravom
14 Vazhayil Aleyamma Pathrose Memorial Prize Best Girls Student (Academically Bright financially weak) Ms. Daisy Peter,B.P.C College, Piravom
15 P.C Paulose & Mary Paulose Perubamkudiyil Memorial Prize Maximum Mark,up to 5th Sem. Computer Applications Prof. Anu Paul, Dept.Ms.,(B.C.A) B.P.C College, Piravom
16 Aksharam Award Best Library User V. Rev. Baby Joseph Potharay, Cor-Episcopa
17 Kuldeep M Pai -Excellence Award Best Contribution to Art Mr. Kuldeep M Pai,Alumini, B.P.C College PiravomPh.9380132323
18 Kunnumpurath Narayanan Memorial Prize Best Girl Student Ms, Prasannakumari K.N.B.P.C College, Piravom,
19 Prof. Leeja Mathew Endowment Prize First Year Topper B.C.A Prof. Leeja Mathew. Dept. of Computer Applications, B.P.C College, Piravom
20 Best Programmer Award For Best Programmer Mr. Vijo Mathew & Prof. Jeeva Jose
21 Highest Scorer `M.Sc. Electronics    
22 Highest Scorer M.Sc. Computer Science    
23 Best Out Going Student B.B.A    
24 Best Out Going Student B.A    
25 Best Out Going Student M.Sc. Electronics    
26 Best Out Going Student M.Sc. Computer Science    
27 Highest Scorer B.C.A    


Baselios Poulose II Catholicos College Research Cell, in association with all the departments launches a research Journal The Prescient. It is a thinking space for the BPC academic community and is conceptualised as an arterial route for furthering knowledge production transnationally.

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