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The College pays special attention to co-curricular and extra-curricular activities with a view to developing students’ holistic personality. Along with College Union, there are various other organisations in which students can take part actively. Teachers incharge of these programmes are given below.

1. Senior Asst. Superintends (Exams) Ms. Sindhu Thomas
Mr. Baby Paul
2. College Union Election Officer Dr. S. Kumari Geetha
3. Staff Advisor to the College Union Mr. Tharthiose Paul
4. Arts Club Ms. Bindu Abraham
Ms. Jeeva Jose
5. College Magazine Mr. Kurian M. J.
6. PTA Mr. Regi Joseph
7. SHADOWS (Alumni Association) Mr. Jobin Abraham.
Mr. Bibu Skariah.
8. NCC Lieutenant (Dr.) Sushan P.K.
Mr. Eldhose T. John
9. NSS Dr. Santhosh P Kuruvilla
Ms. Sindhu Thomas
10. Information Officer Mr. Tiji Zachariah
11. Anti ragging Cell Mr. Tiji Zachariah
Mr. Tharthiose Paul
Mr. Shaju Varghese
Mr. Regi Joseph
Mr. Jobin Abraham
Mr. Sunny K.U.
12. Surprise Squad for Checking Mobile phone Mr. Benjamin Varghese
Ms. Sindhu Thomas
Dr. Geetha Sajeev
Mr. Kurian M.J.
Ms. Prasannakumari K. N
Mr. Sunny K. U.
13. Student Counseling Mr. Kurian M.J.
Ms. Nimmol P John
14. Credit and Semester & Open Course Advisors Mr. Shaju Varghese
Mr. Tharthiose Paul
15. Grievance Redressal Cell Ms. Sheba K. U.
Dr. Eby N Elias
Ms. Merlin Maria Mathews
16. Sexual Harassment Prevention Dr. S. Kumari Geetha
Ms. Simi Mathachan
Ms. Manomole
Ms. Gisha George
17. VINGS (Career Guidance & Placement) Dr. Santhosh P Kuruvilla
Ms. Nimmol P John
Ms. Radhika Raj
Ms. Ebila Mathew
18. College Bus Transportation Mr. Regi Joseph
19. Awards, Prizes & Scholarships Ms. Preethy K. John
Ms. Nimmol P. John
Fr. Mathew C.K.
Mr. Sajan Maaniara
Ms. Prasannakumari K.N.
Ms. Daisy Peter
20. UGC Assistance Mr. Baby Paul
Ms. Sheba K. U.
Mr. Tiji Zachariah
Mr. Tharthiose Paul
Mr. Jobin Abraham
Ms. Sindhu Thomas
Mr. Gigi Mathai
Mr. Regi Joseph
Fr. Mathews C.K.
Mr. Sajan Maniara
21. B.A. Association Ms. Radhika Raj P
22. B.B.A. Association Dr. Eby N Alias
23. B.C.A. Association Ms. Sheba K. U
24. B.Sc. Association Ms. Ebila Mathew
25. Network Resource Centre Dr. Saji K.S.
Mr. Bibu Skaria
Ms. Bincy Thomas
Ms. Sini Kuriakose
26. Canteen Mr. Suseel V. Daniel
Mr. Rajeev Paul
Fr.Mathews C K
Mr. Benny K.S.
27. Tutorial Ms. Jobin Abraham
Dr. Saji K. S.
Ms. Bijina Benedict
28. Value Education Ms. Sheba K. U.
Ms. Leeja Mathew
Ms. Merlin Maria Mathews
29. Social Service League Ms. Soumya John
Mr. Ceena Paul.
Mr. Reji Mathew
30. College Research Cell Ms. Bindu Abraham
Ms. Jeeva Jose
Mr. Tharthiose Paul
Mr. Reji M. Issac
31. Planning Forum Mr. Bibu Skariah
32. Film Club Mr. Shajan P.X.
Mr. Jacob Joy
Ms. Lalitha K. R.
33. Women's Cell Ms. Jeeva Jose
Ms. Bindu Abraham
Ms. Lincy George
34. Quiz Club Ms. Ebila Mathew
35. Students' Feedback Ms. Nimmol P John
Dr. Sushan P. K.
36. College Handbook Mr. Shine P. S.
Dr. Eldhose T. John
37. Department of Works Mr. Tiji Zachariah
Dr. Eldhose T John
Mr. Joboy Abraham
38. Nature & Tourism Dr. Sushan P. K.
Mr. Gireesh G. Nair
Mr. Gigi Mathai
Ms. Radhika Raj
Mr. Prasanth K
39. Spiritual Enlightenment Ms. Nimmol P John
Dr. Eldhose T. John
Mr. Bince John
Ms. Reena Paul
Fr. Mathews C.K.
40. Library Advisory Committee Mr. Tiji Zacharia
Mr. Tharthiose Paul
Dr. Saji K. S.
Mr. Shaju Varghese
Mr. Benjamin Varghese
Mr. Gigi Mathai
Mr. Anish Haridas (Student representative)
41. Co-operative Society Fr. Mathews C.K.
Mr. Joboy Abraham
Ms. Annamma Paily
42. Seminar Hall & Sound System Mr. Bince John
Mr. Antony T.
Mr. Joboy Abraham
43. Web Master Ms. Jeeva Jose
44. System Administrators Mr. Benjamin Varghese
Mr. Bibu Skaria
45. IQAC Coordinator Mr. Tiji Zachariah
46. Staff Secretary (Teaching) Ms. Sheba K. U.
(Non Teaching) Ms. Prasannakumari K.N.
47. Staff Recreation Club Convener Ms. Nimmol P John.
48. College Hostel Advisory Committee Ms. Nimmol P John
Fr. Mathews C.K.
Ms. Lincy George
Ms. Radhika Raj
Dr. Eldhose T. John
49. Marginalized Student's Welfare & Aid Cell Ms. Leeja Mathew
Ms. Nimmol P John
Ms. Bindu T. S.
Ms. Mary C. V.
50. Equal Opportunity Cell Mr. Tharthiose Paul
51. AISHE Dr. Geetha Sajeev
52. Music Club Ms. Sindhu Thomas
Dr. Santhosh P Kuruvilla
Ms. Rani Thampi
53. Newsletter Ms. Radhika Raj
Ms. Bijina Benedict
54. M.Sc. Computer Science Co-ordinator Mr. Kurian M. J.
55. M.Sc. Electronics Co-ordinator Mr. Jobin Abraham
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