Baselios Poulose II Catholicos College

Govt. aided minority institution affiliated to
Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam
Re-Accredited with 'A' Grade by NAAC

Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration was started in the academic year 1995-96 with Dr. Eby N. Elias as the first member on the faculty. The Department arranges extension and consultancy programmes for various organizations including schools and small scale industries in and around Ernakulam District. The Department is maintaining “Henry Fayol Library” with a good collection of books. Many of the activities of the Department are being organized by the BBA Association. Captain Dr. Sushan P K is the present Head of the Department.

1. Dr. Eby N Elias, M.B.A., Ph.D.
2. Mr. Suseel V Daniel, M.B.A.
3. Mr. Tharthiose Paul M.Com., M.B.A.
4. Dr. Sushan P. K, M.Com., M.B.A., M. Phil., Ph.D.

1. Dr. Tiji Zachariah, M.P.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.
2. Dr. S. Kumari Geetha, M.Sc., M.B.A., Ph.D.
3. Dr. Saji K. S., M.A., Ph.D.
4. Dr. Jacob Abraham, M.Tech. Ph.D
5. Dr. Bindu Abraham, M.Sc., Ph.D.
6. Mr. Shine P. S, M.J.C.
7. Dr. Eldhose T John, M.C.A., M.Phil., M.B.A., Ph.D
8. Ms. Reshmi K Lazar, M.Com., M.C.A.

1. Dr. Eby N Elias
2. Mr. Suseel V Daniel
3. Mr. Tharthiose Paul

To be a leader in business education research and extension helping to create a better knowledge society.

Our Vision is accompanied by our many-fold Mission statement
1. Transforming Lives Through Knowledge Creation & Sharing.
2. To provide competency-driven education, a core component of our growth and success.
3. Leveraging our knowledge and resources to provide experiential learning, immersion and other collaboration opportunities.
4. Offering the best professional development and career management opportunities for our students.
5. Committing to continuous improvement through stakeholder engagement, industry relations, and assurance of learning across all programs.
6. Fostering the growth of faculty and staff through professional development plans and programs.

The Bachelor of Business Administration course is a judicious mix of all functional elements of Business studies which provide participants with foundational knowledge on different aspects of the administration of a business concern. It includes at one end the need to realize why organizations exist and at the other end it shows the new frontiers to which it can be developed. This course is designed to develop knowledge on the functional parkour of business administration. The disciplines it covers include management, commerce, banking, economics, industrial psychology, law, mathematics, statistics, accounting, communication, computer application and accounting software. At the under graduate level no other course provide the student a feel and basic understanding on such a variety of disciplines. These disciplines are not merely touched upon but are dealt taking the serious contributions it can provide to running business enterprises. The course is designed in such a fashion to provide ample scope for practical exposure to the problems and opportunities of real business. The two project studies one theoretical (Minor) and other practical (Major) as well as the mandatory requirements of three industrial visit and resultant report presentation will provide a cutting edge to this under graduate programme over the other similar ones.

1. To train the students to be competent entry level management professionals.
2. To impart basic and operational knowledge on all functional areas of management.
3. To encourage young BBA’S to turn into entrepreneurs.
4. To make young BBA’S a change agents in the society by fostering values which self-proclaim that “Turn to enterprising serve the society and the nation”.


 BBA Semester I
1 Principles and Methodology of Management
2 Business Accounting
3 Fundamentals of Business Mathematics
4 Fundamentals of Business Statistics
5 English I

 BBA Semester II
6 Cost and Management Accounting
7 Business Communication
8 Mathematics for Management
9 Statistics for Management
10 English ll

BBA Semester III
11 Human Recourse Management
12 Marketing Management
13 Research Methodology
14 Business Laws
15 Personality Development and Management Skills (Minor Project)

 BBA Semester IV
16 Financial Management
17 Managerial Economics
18 Entrepreneurship
19 Basic Informatics for Management
20 Corporate Law

 BBA Semester V
21 Organisational Behaviour
22 Open Course (Brand Management/ Entrepreneurial Leaders)
23 Environment Science and Human Rights
24 Intellectual Property Rights and Industrial Laws
25 Operations Management
26 Industrial Relations

BBA Semester VI
27 Optional I (Health Care Management/Introduction to Retail Management/ Investment and Insurance Management/ Event Management)
28 Optional II ( Advertising and Salesmanship/ Supply-Chain Management/ Principles of Tourism Management)
29 Strategic Management
30 Communication Skills and Personality Management
31 Management Project Activities

 The programme envisages the following activities.
1) Minor project (Group) in the third semester (details given along with the syllabus) the viva-voce examination and dissertation valuation shall be done internally for 50 marks each.
2) Management Projects individually in the sixth semester. This is a one month implant training and project study to be conducted in the month of December. Each individual student has to undergo one month implant training plus project study in a reputed organization (with established functional departments). 30 day implant training certificate is mandatory with the project report. Project study on a selected management topics need to be conducted during this period in the contest of the organization. Project dissertation and report writing (minimum 40 pages) at the conclusion of the study. The project report should satisfy all the requisite of the research methodology theory. There will be two examinations one internal (20 marks) and another external (80 marks) based on the report.
3) Evaluation of Project, assignment, seminar, viva, internal assessment, test paper. Group project designed for Minor Project. Individual project designed for management project. Marks for external examination: 80 Marks Marks for internal evaluation: 20 Marks Components of Management Project Evaluation (External) Dissertation (External) 50 Marks Viva-Voce (External) 30 Marks Total 80 Marks Components of Management Project Evaluation (Internal) Dissertation (Internal) 10 Marks Viva-Voce (Internal) 10 Marks Total 20 Marks Components of Minor ProjectMarks Evaluation (Internal) Third Semester Dissertation (Internal) 80 Marks Viva-Voce (Internal) 20 Marks Total 100 Marks
4. INDUSTRIAL VISIT The programme makes it mandatory in three semesters namely third, fourth and fifth to organise an industrial visit each. Preferably one to a manufacturing unit, another to a service sector and still another to a start-up village. Individual reports including photographs and illustration of the visit certified by the faculty in charge need to be prepared and submitted. These three reports are submitted to the external examiner for the sixth semester project viva-voce for the successful completion of the programme. The student who fails to submit satisfactory report will be considered as not completed the programme successfully.